Virtual Shopping: Valentino Ruffle Trench vs. Asos Ruffle Trench

At the beginning of every season I always check out at, for some runway-inspiration.
A few days ago I was blown away by Valentino's fall collection for 2010. The collection has a minimalistic but romantic look, which creates a beautiful contrast. You can see it in the shapes of the clothing, where sharp and clean lines are combined with smooth lines that are drapped and ruffled. Also the colors are romantic with red, pink, powder and nude, but they're strengthened by black and white. Lovely combination!

I especially love the coat below and I was able to find a look-a-like. Too bad the Asos coat doesn't come in camel, but red also looks really good. I think Asos was definitely inspired by Valentino's fall collection.

If only I could find these Valentino look-a-likes too...

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  1. That red ruffled coat is amazing!

    Just came across your blog!


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