Virtual Shopping: Fashion City Style

Fashion City items are the must have style thing. Atleast, that's what it looks like! Everywhere I see city names, city prints and statues. Especially Paris and New York are populair in clothing and jewelry.
I love it, since New York is my number one wannasee city and Paris... Oh Paris, je t'aime! I've been there four times and I still carry the Eiffel Tower with me everyday. And I don't mind taking a few more with me, I gotta have the Eiffel earrings! Also love the YSL look-a-like Y5L shirt. You can find the webshops below.

Paris Blouse & NY Sweater: Sustilo
NYC PARIS LONDON Shirt: Urban Outfitters
Y5L & NY Shirt & Jewelry: We Like Fashion

While looking for New York and Paris accessories, I found an amazing webshop with the prettiest Eiffeltower jewelry: Sieradenkistje. As the none Dutch girls can probably see by the name, it's a Dutch webshop, sorry!


  1. These accessories are to die for!! And the Paris blouse is just too cute!!



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