Virtual Shopping: I love Lavin loves H&M

At first I wasn't that enthusiastic about Lanvin for H&M collection, the teaser didn't really tease me. Untill I saw the complete collection at H&M's facebook. I saw a few great items that convinced me to enter fashionhell on the 23rd of November. I can't really handle the extreme chaos at H&M. Last year I tried to get some Jimmy Choo's online, but I couldn't get through. So I guess I'll have to go to the actual store, just like 1,5 year ago at Matthew Williamson's H&M collection. Back then I did get the item I was wishing for, so I guess there's nothing left to do then to go crazy at the H&M store!

Lanvin's female collections consist mostly of partydresses and greedy-making heels. Not really handy with winter coming up. Nevertheless most of the dresses look lovely. I've got a wedding coming up next summer, which is my excuse to buy lots Lanvin for H&M dresses. I've allready made my wedding selection!

Outfit 1 can be worn at the wedding it self
Outfit 2 can be worn on the dancefloor at the afterparty
Outfit 3 can be worn at... uhm..., well, I'll get it anyway while looking for an excuse!

What will you (try to) get?

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