Virtual Inspiration: Bag it up with Colour



Some of the photo's I used come from my favorite blogs Fashion Nerdic, Style Scrapbook, The Fashion Fruit, High on High Heels, The Blonde Salad. The rest of the photo's I found somewhere and everywhere online. Enjoy!


  1. Ohh ze zijn zo mooi! Blij dat er weer wat kleur in de garderobe mag. Nieuw op mijn wishlist dus!

  2. Aaah hele mooie fotos! Felle kleuren zijn idd super:D xx

  3. love the third, the fourth and fifth purses... amazing colors :)

  4. So amazing!
    Thanks for posting. I have never really been a bag lady... I have a lot but I never go buy them - they're always given to me. and i HATE switching purses (so inconvenient, lol how lazy am i?) so I'm not too good about using accessories to enhance my outfits. I need to be better! I'm going to go find a few bright clutches to make my outfits pop. xo



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