I've had a busy, but great week! Last Saturday I went waterbiking or watercycling or whatever it's called in English. The weather was amazing, the perfect day to be outside. On Sunday me and my friends went to Slagharen, an amusement park, and we had a blast while riding roller coasters and playing around. Tuesday I had to perform with drum and break orchestra, Foenkk (I'm the vocalist), at Oosterpoort, a big concert hall in Groningen. It was amazing, the sound was great and the stage was huge! Can't wait for our next performance at Noorderzon, Groningen on the 25th of August. Anyway, here are some snapshot, enjoy!
 Cycling through the canals of beautiful Groningen
My first Karl Lagerfeld! I'd rather have a jacket or a dress, but I guess this is a start ;)
Susan and me, roller coaster riding in Slagharen
Getting ready for the Foenkk performance
Live on stage, I'm the little girl in the front! Check out!


  1. super leuke foto's! en wat gaaf je optreden. liefs xx

  2. Leuke pic's en wat een grote groep zeg :O Gaaaf! X

  3. cute photos ;-)


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