30.07.2012 | Last weeks photodiary. Follow me on Instagram: followVFV

What are you looking at? Injury! My feet couldn't handle the amount of sandals I wore last week | Outfitpost, army and white | Going for a run | By BFs online orders. He's worse than me! We fit so well together ;) | Me and my boyfriend at the beach, what a lovely day | A photo of my tanning feet, when I was at the beach with my friends | Me in my H&M bikini. I loooove Summer | Delish pasta made by the BF chef | Outfitpost, a comfy summer look | Outfitpost with the Zara flower bomberjacket | Lunch outside at Puur | Todays outfit, baggy jeans and pointy heels


  1. Leuke foto's! Ik hou van zulke diary's!

  2. Leuke foto's, dat zara jasje is echt mooi bij jou!


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